Quick update to get things in gear!

So the last month has been a whirlwind! I’ve picked up work on a new writing platform, and I am very excited to announce I will be achieving my first $1K month for the month of March!

I’ll post about that when the month is officially over but my writing is doing great. I’ve also made a lot of progress on my digital products and finally figured out a way to edit my monthly planner, so it will become all digital in a matter of days. (Grab a copy of it’s printable form here if you don’t want to wait!).

I’ve also written five chapters in my E-book, which has a yet to be determined title.

Sometimes it’s hard juggling a business, a full time job, a side business, and a family of 9, but if it was easy everyone would do it right?!

Stay tuned for my post next week!

We’ll talk soon!


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