How I grew my Pinterest page to 25K monthly viewers in only a few months

 When I created my Pinterest profile for my website back in July I envisioned working on the social media aspect of the website through all of the major outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
I was going to get hundreds of likes on Facebook and retweets every day and see my social media presence grow rapidly. However, I quickly learned that I didn’t want to put my eggs in a bunch of baskets and be just okay at all of them.
I decided to find one social media platform to bring organic traffic to this website.  Choosing Pinterest wasn’t a hard option for me for two main reasons: 1) I knew that there was an untapped market to grow my website and target dad’s needing help managing their time better while they worked from home, and 2) I wanted to learn something new that was going to take some time to figure out and add another skill to my social media repertoire.
Now that I decided on Pinterest I had zero ideas on how to effectively use the website. I simply viewed it as of another Facebook or Twitter when in reality it’s really another search engine similar to Google.
I needed to find a way to get better at using Pinterest and use it effectively so I searched far and wide to find the best free books and courses about gaining organic traffic to Pinterest.
This eventually led me Laura Rike’s website.  I didn’t know it at the time but she would quickly become one of the most influential people in the growth of my business.
I signed up for her Pintastic Rockstars course and used a lot of the strategies she provided to get my Pinterest profile organized. A lot of the strategies her course provided have helped me get to over 25,000 monthly views in roughly 4 months (my page has been available since July, but I didn’t really focus on Pinterest content until October).
What are some of the things you can do when creating your profile that will quickly get you organic traffic? Keep reading to find out how I grew my page.

Keyword optimization

As I mentioned earlier Pinterest is a lot like Google when it comes to rankings and how easily your profile will be found when someone is searching for a specific topic. You should have all of the keywords that you want to rank for in your headline and profile sections.

Create your pins

You should always use keywords that will help attract your target customers to your profile and website.
I’m not saying you should simply pepper your pin description with keywords with only commas separating them, but you should be able to organically sprinkle the keywords you want to use to describe them.

Create boards

Creating your boards will be the most important part of your Pinterest profile. These boards will be the difference between you getting two or three website visits a day compared to  20 or 30.
Before I switched servers (a horrible and utterly shocking day) I was getting between 8 to 10 visits to my website each day based on Pinterest pins that directed back to my website.
When you create your boards you again want to use specific keywords that you would like to rank for. Your boards should be an extension of your overall marketing strategy for your website, and this should hit home specific points of interest that your target customers can relate to.
Since changing the direction of my website, I have focused on time management and helping dads become more organized. (A blessing in disguise for losing my content).
Once you create the boards you should focus on finding content that will relate to your customers.
You don’t simply want to click suggestive pins without doing your proper research because you could get a warning from Pinterest about a pin being deemed potentially harmful to your customer’s devices.
So make sure you optimize your words to keep the content lined up with the overall brand message.

Create great looking pins

I’m not very creative. Chances are a lot of you might not be either, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create pins that will stand out to your target customer.
The image on your pin can make a huge difference in how many saves and followers you gain.
Here’s a look at one of the pins on my profile.
Here’s one from Laura Rike’s Pinterest template file.
Do you see the difference? This was one of the most popular pins on my page and Laura’s creativity shines throughout the template pack (grab a copy here).
There are a number of ways you can get quality Pinterest pins if you are not creative in that way. You can purchase some, you can offer services in exchange for Pinterest pin images, or you can hire someone to create the images for you.
Until you are making the big bucks I would recommend trying to barter with someone or purchasing a template at a good price if possible.

80/20 rule

The goal of your Pinterest profile is to get traffic back to your website and you can only do that by growing your monthly viewer’s and followers.
The 80/20 rule comes into effect because you want to promote other content on Pinterest 80% of the time while also promoting your own content 20% of the time.
You may ask yourself how can I promote 20% of my content if I barely have anything on the website? This is when you get creative and repurpose your content in a number of ways.
If you have created videos for your website you can transcribe the videos and turned it into a blog post. You can also flip that around and turn your blog post into a video.
You can also use your content to create landing pages for various products and services on your website, or by utilizing affiliate links.
Once you have the 80/20 rule figured out followers will realize that your content is much more valuable to them.

Join group boards

Joining group boards should be one of the first things you try to do when establishing your Pinterest profile. This can be an excellent way to not only gain more monthly viewers but also bring large amounts of traffic to your site.
I would recommend trying to join between 15 and 20 group boards to start out with a few boards pertaining to different categories of the overall message of your brand.
There may be specific rules for each group board so make sure you follow them closely and avoid getting kicked out for not following the rules.

Grow your monthly views with these tips

So now that you have looked at a few of the ways I grew my Pinterest profile from zero monthly viewers to 25,000, which ones will you work on first?
Leave me a comment below and if you’re interested in taking your Pinterest game to the next level check out Laura Rike’s Pinterest Boot Camp that is happening Monday 2/25/19!
We’ll talk soon!
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