5 Online Business Blogs I can’t live without

28 Sep

5 Online Business Blogs I can’t live without


When I’m not running around at work, or helping my wife manage our basketball team of kids at home, I try to improve my business as much as possible by reading. Most of the time I am reading from one of my favorite online business blogs, and I’m here to tell you about the 5 that I check out on a regular basis.

In my opinion, these websites have the best content online when it comes to growing your online business, and the topics you will find can range from social media to SEO, to helping you create a better mindset and attitude for yourself.

So let’s dive in and check out these 5 websites (in no particular order)

LauraRike.com– Author: Laura Rike

Laura Rike is one of the brightest minds out there today. She is amazing when it comes to social media, and her blog was one of the biggest reasons I started focusing on Pinterest as a social media platform to bring traffic to my website. One of my favorite articles on the blog section of her website is “15 Genius Ways to Repurpose Content”.

As someone who is always looking for an easy way to get the most bang for my buck this article really explained how you can take one blog post, or video, and turn it into a number of different pieces of online content.

Her blog is excellent but she also has a variety of courses that can help you grow your business, use Pinterest as a major platform, or repurpose any videos you create.

If building your online content is on your main agenda, Laura Rike will help show you the way.

EdenFried.com– Author: Eden Fried

Eden is another smart online business owner with a blueprint for success. Most bloggers and website owners will start their online business journey either working as a freelancer or virtual assistant, however, Eden quickly learned that route wasn’t best for her. So what did she do? She created a digital product. After marketing it and putting it out there to the masses she started making money from it.

She wasn’t breaking the bank at first but it was enough to completely allow her to focus on creating digital products as a profitable online business model. Her blog is simply amazing. She creates a lot of posts about digital products but also keeps it real. She doesn’t mince words when it comes to explaining why YOU haven’t gotten over a fear of creating your digital product. If you can take the tough love you will quickly see how effective a digital product can be.

Her most recent webinar was very engaging and gave me a whole new set of ideas for my first digital product!

Eden also has a podcast out called Rebel Boss Ladies and although it is one of her newer ways to provide online content, it’s definitely a must-have on your Podcast playlist.

If you are looking to create your own digital product but don’t know where to turn to check out her blog here and thank me later!

NeilPatel.com– Author: Neil Patel

If you don’t know who Neil Patel is, please Google the man. He is like a walking SEO dictionary and is arguably the person to turn to when it comes to creating better SEO techniques for your website and business. It can include Local SEO practices, how to research better keywords, and tips for creating valuable online content.

My favorite article from his blog explains Why 3000+ word blog posts are better for your website. When I first read the article I sat there thinking “How can I write that much about a product? This is crazy!”. However, Patel has direct evidence showing you how important it is to write out a quality, lengthy post to achieve higher Google rankings.

Another great aspect of his website is his Website Analyzer. You can plug in your website and he will provide a detailed SEO report and you can use it to make changes to the SEO strategies you are using for your website.

Worrying about SEO and written content doesn’t have to be a problem when you use tips and suggestions from one of the best out there.

MeeraKothand.com– Author: Meera Kothand

I stumbled upon Meera’s website while trying to figure out ways to grow my email list. I was immediately blown away by how thorough she was in explaining different aspects of email marketing. When you create your website you probably aren’t thinking about growing your email list, and I am here to tell you that you NEED to get that list started as soon as possible!

Meera goes over the best ways you can grow your email list, nurture that list, and position yourself to sell digital products your audience will love. My favorite article from her blog is  “You Don’t Need to Create a Course. Here are 10 Other Digital Products that Make Bank“.

This article shows some of the best products you can create for your email list, without having to worry about making an online course. Some of the product ideas seem like a no-brainer, but until you really think about them they may go right over your head! It’s one of the best ways she showcases her knowledge about email marketing and it’s concepts.

TheHoth.com-Various Authors

Now I have a little bit of bias with this blog, as I have known a lot of the team for the better part of two years, but when it comes to SEO there isn’t a better set of collective minds on the planet. The blog has amazing content pertaining to SEO, long form writing, creating backlinks to your website, and gaining organic traffic growth.

Everyone on the main team has written online content for a number of years, and the Hoth is cutting edge when it comes to picking up the latest SEO trends that can help your business. My favorite article doesn’t even involve SEO, it’s a brief look at the company’s love of wrestling superstar Ric Flair.

Are you trying to come up with video content for your website as well? They have a number of posts explaining how videos can also boost traffic to your website organically. When you have an SEO agency that focuses on providing the best content on the topic from a great group of smart and hardworking people, chances are you will be able to find a lot of valuable information from the website.

So those are the 5 online business blogs I love to read on a regular basis. If you haven’t subscribed to them do it ASAP. I’m sure you will find plenty of excellent pieces of information that will help your business grow.

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