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11 Oct

The Top 8 Time Management Strategies for the Stay at Home Dad

When you have a busy household, it can seem like your days just fly by. Trust me I’ve been there! You want to make the most out of your day but how can you do that without some effective time management strategies.

In order to grow your business in the daytime, and find more ways to spend time with your family in the evening, you need to come up with a game plan for your daily routine.

Take a look at the top 8 time management strategies you need to start using today.

Determine What You Are Spending Your Time On

The first thing you want to do before you even begin creating different strategies is to understand where exactly all of your time is going. Do you spend an hour each day watching sports, or does it really turn into 80 or 90 minutes at a time?

Do you expect to finish a task for your business in 20 minutes, but it really only takes you 10? These are some of the ways you can get to the root of your problems (and successes) when it comes to managing your time.

A typical day for me (on a school day) involves getting up between 6:30 and 7:00 AM to get the kids up for school. Once they are on the bus at 8 I usually make breakfast for myself, my wife, and our two youngest kids. After taking my 3-year-old to school at 9 I will normally let the baby play until 10:00/10:30, then lay her down for a nap.

This typically gives me three to four hours of time to focus solely on my business each day. Once she wakes up around 3:30 or 4:00, the older kids are all home and the next few hours are spent with them. Once everyone is in bed at 8:00/8:30, I normally spend another 30 to 45 minutes working on my business and finish the night relaxing with my wife.

It seems like you may have a hectic schedule if you have any kids at all, but you can find time to work on your business every day. Find an excellent app to track your time, and once you have your daily routine broken down it will make setting up the time management strategies that much easier.

Do Your Most Important Tasks (MITs) in the AM

When you have your little ones off to school and find yourself with some time to work on your business what do you normally do? Are you starting with the easiest tasks first to take a few things off of your to-do list? Or do you tackle the biggest things first to feel a greater sense of accomplishment?

If you get your day started by taking down those enormous tasks, it will help you later in the day by knowing you exhausted your most focused energy on the biggest issues of the day. You don’t want to go back and forth between easy and hard tasks. If you have to create a new freebie for your website do that before you respond to emails.

If you start with the easier projects by the time you get around to the bigger ones you may lose a lot of steam and push them off to the next day, and that can become a continuous cycle of how things won’t get done.

Eliminate All Distractions While Working

Are you like me and seem to constantly have a notification going off on your phone? Or you want to check how your fantasy team is doing on a Sunday afternoon? If so then you need to find ways to eliminate the distractions out of your daily routine. I typically have a three to four-hour window when my youngest daughter naps in the middle of the day.

During that time period, I am either working on social media, reading an ebook/participating in a course I may be taking or creating content.

I completely understand that my time window can change at a moments notice if she wakes up from her nap early, so I make sure every second counts. I place my phone on the charger out of reach, so unless someone calls me I don’t want to waste the energy going to pick up the phone because of one vibration.

You can do the same thing. As you start your business and look for ways to become more productive, you may find that having the television on as background noise may cause you to lose focus, but playing classical music can actually give you more motivation to write.

If you are using your desktop chances are you may be like me and have a million tabs open at once (a list of my tabs is listed in the picture below).

If this is also your problem try to move the current application or window into an area clear from distractions on your computer, and you can even download an app like Stayfocusd to eliminate the opportunity to go to websites that generally suck up all of your time (Facebook, Youtube, etc).

Create To-Do Lists at night for the next day

When you make your to-do list for the next day the night before, it helps you save 10-15 minutes in the morning. It may not seem like it is making a major impact on your overall long-term goals at first, but setting up your next day’s to-do list is actually creating the daily goals you will need to get those long-term goals done.

There are a number of ways you can create your to-do list, and some of the most simple ways that I have done so is by using the Reminder App on my iPhone, the Wunderlist App, and Trello.

I’ve used the Wunderlist App, but Trello is growing on me this time around (after failed attempts to use it in the past). As long as you use something, ANYTHING, to make a list the night before, you will thank yourself in the morning.

Get Organized

Another way to make the most out of your time each day is to become organized! I used to be the king of disorganization, and many of my hotel coworkers would describe my workstation as a tornado.

However, over the years I have become much more organized not only with physical paperwork but with my computer files as well (besides the millions of tabs above).

If you want to organize your business from a physical standpoint, make sure your work area is arranged to ensure maximum efficiency. Purchase a yearly calendar to either have it at your desk or on a wall, so you can write down any scheduled meetings or appointments you have.

For organization on the technological side of things, some options to consider will be to create a folder in your inbox for every client, pitches you may send, and anything else you feel is important for running your day to day business.

You should also create folders on your desktop for each client, and divide those folders up based on the different priorities for them.

When I managed a motel in Texas I made sure each client had their own folder in our Sales Department cloud, with subfolders pertaining to Invoices sent, invoices received, meetings, etc. It made finding things a lot easier than simply keeping hundreds or thousands of files in one large folder.

Also, don’t forget to purchase a few external flash drives! Keep one with you at all times and update it daily. You never know when it will come in handy!

Teach Your Kids Some Tasks to Help

Every parent has their own age range for when kids will start helping around the house. My wife and I try to get all of our kids to help clean up in some way, so they can understand that they have the ability to do something, and you can make helping out a fun game for them to play!

After you look at your time audit for a work, take a look at the tasks you may be able to give to your kids to squeeze out an extra 10-20 minutes into your business each day. This can include washing the dishes, vacuuming, taking out the trash, putting laundry away, or helping with pets.

These are just some of the things you can have your children do and if they are able to help you get an extra 20 minutes per day that turns out to an extra 87 hours in a 5 day work week for the entire year! What can you do with those extra 87 hours?! A whole heck of a lot if you stay focused and determined on your goals.

So find some chores for your children to do and work on improving your business!

Create Time Blocks for Your Family

Coming up with effective time management strategies isn’t just about improving your business, it’s also about improving your family time with your spouse and children. If you normally work on your busy from 9-5 or let’s say 10-2 as an example, you may also have to include doctors/dentists appointments, meetings at school, play dates, etc.

At the end of the day, everything you are doing to grow your own online business should be about improving the quality of life for your family, not just financially but emotionally as well.

The best way to do that is to carve out a specific time each day where you are unplugged from your business and focusing just on your family. I know it can be hard in the beginning as you get your business off the ground, but even taking 30 minutes to an hour to give them all of your love and attention will mean the world to them.

When our kids come home from school (roughly around 3:40), they do their homework and then read a book. After that, they are able to go into the den and play with a few toys or watch TV.

During that time I will come downstairs and hang out with them, and when I have shorter work days at my full-time hotel job on the weekends, we will sit down and watch football (they are all Eagles fans, unfortunately!!).

You can also designate a family game night where everyone sits around a table and you play board games. If you have a bunch of sore losers in your house it may be hard, and I am constantly saying that someone is cheating when I lose because it’s never our fault when we suck at a game right?

So use some of your time each day to give your family your undivided attention, and give your brain a little while to relax from another busy workday.

Schedule Down Time

You can’t manage your time effectively if you don’t include some free time for yourself. If you’ve ever worked a demanding job you know the importance of decompressing after a long shift.

Whether it’s turning on your favorite tunes on the way home, or watching your favorite Netflix show for a few minutes before bed, you can’t simply be on the GO! GO! GO! every waking moment of the damn.

You will burn yourself out quick! That’s why you need to give yourself a designated time just for you every single day. If you don’t want to sit around watching Netflix or any other television shows find a hobby that you enjoy.

I personally will find myself reading a book, or if I’m up for it playing a sports computer game because it still keeps my brain working by managing team rosters, finances etc.

Look at your daily schedule and see when you can carve some time in and you will quickly see how much it improves your mindset.

Which Time Management Strategies Are Best For You?

Are you ready to put some of these amazing time management strategies into place? Once you realize how much time you are spending on specific tasks you will become better at managing your day to day routine.

If you are stuck without a way to get started sign up for our newsletter to get a copy of my free daily planner!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions at or leave a comment below!

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7 Sep

How to Stop Bullying: Things You Can do as a Dad

Has your child ever come home from school crying because someone was picking on them? It’s one of the worst feelings in a world as a parent and my wife and I have unfortunately dealt with it more times than we can count. In order to think about how you can stop bullying as a parent, I thought to myself “what would I tell other parents who are in similar situations as us?”It seemed like an open-ended question.

Kids can be mean, cruel, and downright nasty in school, or any other school-related social settings. It’s a tough pill to swallow but there are countless stories every year about children being bullied and a tragedy occurring at a school or directly to the families themselves.

As a father, I try to teach my kids the values that were instilled in me by my mother and grandmother growing up about treating people the way you want to be treated. I was made fun of in school for not having the freshest gear or having a lot of money, or keeping a cute girl n my arm, and it sucks but in a way it just pushes you to be better than anyone saying a negative comment about you.

So what are some of the things we can do as fathers to help our children when they are dealing with a bully? Here are some of the things you can start working on with your children today.

Teach Your Kids The Value of Themselves

Self-esteem can be a problem for any child going to school. Once they are on their own inside a classroom, lunchroom, or on the school bus they can be subjected to being called stupid, ugly, dirty, to name a few, and the sad part is your children will believe what their peers are saying!

You have to ensure them that nothing is further from the truth. Show them how valuable they are to your life and to the entire family. Positive encouragement when it comes to activities or school work can go a long way in building up their self-esteem.

One thing I explain to my kids is that just because says something mean about them doesn’t mean its true. They can always go to that person and explain why they disagree, and your child will come out of the entire situation as the bigger person.

Keep a Level Head

When I first found out one of my kids was being bullied on the bus, I’m not gonna lie I lost my cool! I thought my wife was going to turn into Bill Goldberg! We were furious! We did regain our composure. We were still really upset but we did not want to have our kids look at us like we were a bunch of out of control fools.

Now I get it. Your child(ren) is your heart. You would risk everything for them, and we would do the same for ours, but we also know that going off the deep end could have severe consequences not only for ourselves but for our children’s long-term future when dealing with tough situations in school.

Don’t get yourself so worked up you can’t think straight. Take a deep breath, get all the facts from your child, and report what you are finding to their school.

Report any issues to the school

Once you have found out that your child is being bullied at school, go directly to the principal. Hopefully, they can rectify the situation and come to a mutual agreement for everyone involved. I won’t get into the specifics of situations that happened to us last year, but for the most part, I feel like the principal handled things as best as he could.

There were problem children on the bus, he addressed them, he addressed their parents, and so far this year it seems like there haven’t been any issues.

Is it because some of the kids have gone on to a higher grade school? Possibly, but I also think he is really putting an emphasis on making sure the school bus our kids take doesn’t have the problems that a few parents had to deal with last year.

If you don’t want to make a big deal out of it or feel like it is a one time issue that won’t happen again, STOP. Look at the bigger picture, and realize if it happened one time it could (and probably will) happen again.

Never let something get to a point that it becomes too big for your family or the main school administrators to handle.

Pursue Higher Authority if the School Doesn’t Stop the Problem

So you go to your kid’s school, talk to the principal about your child being bullied and he/she says things will improve. However they don’t improve, and your child is still coming off of the bus or hopping into the car when you pick them up crying because of a bully. What do you do?

I’m not one for stirring up more trouble or putting someone who is trying to be helpful in a tough spot, but sometimes you have to go above their heads. If the principal isn’t being helpful, go to his boss. If his boss isn’t being helpful, reach out to someone who has a voice that will be heard (news reporter, local politician).

These are the types of people who can make sure that things will get handled the way you originally intended them to.

Open a Dialogue With the Parents (If Possible)

Sometimes the simplest way to solve a problem is going to the source. There are countless videos online of parents disciplining their children when they find out they have been bullying someone in school. Why? Because we all want our children to grow up to be decent, friendly human beings.

If your child is being bullied and you want to find out exactly why try talking to the parents of the bully. Have it done in school if possible, because you don’t want to go to someone’s house if they end up wanting to fight or become hostile and aggressive?

If you can open a dialogue with the parents you may be able to come to the root of the problem between the two children. It may be something your child said that rubbed the other person the wrong way, or you can find out that the other kid just genuinely doesn’t like your child (it happens- but it doesn’t mean the bullying should be tolerated).

So take a chance on meeting the parents and see if things can get worked out in a civilized manner.

Talk About It With Your Child

If your child is being bullied and is adamant that they do not want you to go the school or approach the bullies parents, talk to them to find out what is making them hold back. Maybe they feel they can handle things on their own, maybe they have some elaborate revenge in mind (I’m not condoning it but sometimes bully need to get their comeuppance).

They may just need someone to talk to. It may not be at a point where they feel you need to step in, so sometimes just listening to them and giving advice will do wonders for their health.

If you are noticing your child is becoming more withdrawn after learning about the situation or isn’t eating or sleeping like normal, it might be time to look at other ways to get them to open up about the bullying.

Seeing a counselor in school, or a doctor recommended therapist can be a step in the right direction for your child.

So those are some of the tips you can use to stop your child from being bullied at school. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to the email list right here.


15 Things Work From Home Dads Can Do to Help Mom

Whether you have one kid running around, or a bunch (6 in my household!), finding time to run an online business as a work from home dad can rely on some amazing multitasking skills. But let’s be honest, it’s not all about us and growing our business. The end goal is to make enough money to build a sustainable income, or pay off debt, or just take a cruise somewhere without the kids. But nothing can be done without the help of mom.

We have to make sure mom is taken care of too because if you are growing your business as a side hustle, that means there is simply less time to help her around the house. So I have 15 things you can do to help mom keep the chaos in order.

Get Up With the Baby

For some reason, whether it’s on reality TV shows, or just when talking to parents in general, most of the dads do not get up when a baby is waking up at night. Sometimes it’s out of necessity, sometimes moms are just lighter sleepers. If you can muster the energy to get up with the baby you will be doing mom a lot of favors.

One reason I did it (and still do) is that I wanted to make sure mom got enough sleep during the night because I knew her days were hectic. When my wife was a CNA and I worked at my hotel front desk everyone could hear me say “Jess works a million times harder than me so if I have to get up with the baby at night I don’t care because my job isn’t physically as demanding”.

I stuck to that claim and even now that she is up running around with the kids all day I still get up with our youngest one at night (even if I end up talking junk to the baby as me and her go back and forth about laying down at 1 am!). So do mom a favor and help out in the middle of the night.

Keep the Bedroom Clean

Ok this one I will freely admit I am not the best at, but I try for a few weeks at a time..then it goes back to being a mess. My wife gets on me about it, as she should because it isn’t hard to keep it clean, but if you are like me you are thinking”man stuff just goes somewhere for a few days and I forget about it”.

Trust me that is not the answer mom wants to hear!! So make sure when you see her cleaning up you jump up and help too (I also slack on that).

It becomes one less thing she has to worry about during the day and will make it easier for her to relax when she is ready to call it a night.

Organize Your Mornings

I am not an organized person when it comes to working. Whether it’s my office desk or just general important paperwork I may need from time to time, I am always a messy unorganized person. When it comes to the kids? I’m like a minute by minute planning robot.

If you have 1 kid the morning can be hectic and insane. If you have more than one it can be downright chaos for an hour. What’s one way to combat the chaos, create a structured morning!

During the school year we would get the kids up, have their clothes picked out, their teeth brushed and my daughter’s hair done (the only thing mom has to do unless we have an appointment) in 50 minutes.

After that, I would get my 5 year old ready for school at 8, and take him to his bus stop by 8:45. When I get back home I make the two youngest their breakfast and the morning tasks are handled.

Now that the kids are out of school it is a lot simpler. Everyone gets up at their random times between 6 and 8, they more than likely act up for a little while, then me or my mom will make breakfast for them. Having the routine down to the point where mom doesn’t need to help will give her a few more minutes to sleep in each morning.

Do the Dishes

It sounds simple because it is. If mom makes breakfast, lunch, or dinner, don’t make her wash and dry the dishes afterward. Cooking sometimes can be hard work, especially if you are using the oven in the summertime! Take one task off her plate by either washing the dishes and putting them away, or loading them into the dishwasher.

Do the Laundry

Sometimes doing the laundry can be a never-ending cycle for a parent. It may seem like every time you get a load or two folded and put away, 5 loads pop up from nowhere. Just because mom may be home while you are at work, or home working on your business, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help out with the laundry.

If you have a lot of clothes that need to be washed in one shot spend the 15-20 bucks and go to a local laundromat. You will be taking care of a hugely time-consuming task and even if you wait to fold them at least you can tell mom that you have clean clothes to choose from!

Help With Homework

Homework can be a pain in the ass, for a number of reasons. Mainly because your kid may hate homework. If they aren’t interested in it then it is harder for them to focus. Why should mom be the only one to deal with the stress and headache of figuring out this new math system?

Suck it up and help with the homework because it will help you become more interested in your child’s schoolwork, but you can also see the progress from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

Trust me there isn’t a better feeling than a teacher telling you that if you stick to the current system your child will improve a subject that they previously weren’t strong in (it makes all the frustrating moments worth it!). So open up a book and get ready to help your kids learn.

Help Cook Dinner

This is piggybacking on the do the dishes section, but if you can help cook meals, or speed up the process why wouldn’t you. There will be sometimes where it just isn’t manageable (small kitchen area), but if you can help mom by peeling potatoes, or throwing something that’s been prepped into the oven then whats stopping you?

I personally love to cook so anytime Chef Thompson can get in the kitchen I am taking full advantage of it. Do the same and let mom catch a few minutes of relaxation while you whip up dinner for the family.

Go to Appointments

Depending on the size of your family you may have a lot of appointments to go to during the week. Whether it’s the doctor, the dentist, or any other type of appointment, sometimes helping mom by going in her place can be better in the long run. It gives you familiarity with the important people in your child’s life not named mom and dad, and you can provide a perspective that mom may not be able to. There will also inevitably be times where two appointments need to be done at once.

It doesn’t help if you go to an appointment without the proper information, so make sure you get a rundown from mom about the key talking points.

Take the Kids on a Quick Trip to the Park

One great way to give mom some time to relax is by loading all the kids up for a trip to the park. Even if you have a backyard that the kids can play in, going to the park can be a great escape for mom. She will have time to read a book, relax, or take a nice hot bath, and at the same time you are tiring your kids out by letting them run around all day.

If you want to make it even more enjoyable pack a few lunches (I recommend the Uncrustable PB& J sandwiches) and make it an all-day trip that you guys will enjoy.

Grocery Shopping

When I go to the store I’m a man on a mission. I know exactly what I need to get and I’m in and out in record time. If you wife creates a list, take a few of the kids with you to go grocery shopping. If you are brave and want to take all of them I will wish you good luck right now, as they can be a cluster when everyone wants something from the 25 different aisles you may go down.

Give Her Quiet Time

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take the kids somewhere, but everyone needs to decompress after a busy day. If you notice that your wife likes to do certain things at night (like reading or listening to music) as a way to wind down, give her space and let her relax.

When you are trying to decompress it can be frustrating constantly getting interrupted, so make sure you don’t need anything from her before sending her to the couch, or upstairs to get some much needed “me time” for herself.

Spend Quality Time With Her

You didn’t think I wasn’t going to include this, did you? Mom not only needs time for herself but she also needs time WITH YOU. This could be something as simple as watching a movie together or giving her a massage or a foot rub. Any of those three things are surefire ways to show her you care, and you will make yourself feel better knowing it’s another way you can help her relax and enjoy her free time.

Treat Her to a Date Night

A date night can be a number of things, but it should include dinner and a fun activity (if anyone can talk my wife into seeing Equalizer 2 with me I’ll give you $5!!). Planning a night out where you can have fun and not worry about the kids is something that makes all relationships work, and it should happen at least once a month if you can afford it.

My recommendations? Her favorite restaurant, a movie or dancing, and relaxing when you get home. Call me old-fashioned and predictable but trust me it will work!

Let Her Have a Girls Night Out

Every mom needs to socialize with her girlfriends. Help arrange a night out for her to go out and have a few drinks with her friends. When I first moved here from Texas I made a point to coordinate a girls night out with my wife and her best friend, I didn’t expect them to be out all night clubbing, but I know she had a good time and I was happy to make the effort for her.

You need to do the same because sometimes mom will get tired of looking at your ugly mug! If you can plan a day for her to go out with her friends and enjoy herself without worrying about anything going on at him and will be another excellent way for her to keep her sanity.

Don’t Forget Important Dates

Do not..i repeat DO NOT forget her birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, or valentines day! I’m not saying you have to go all out and spend hundreds of dollars on each gift, but make sure you remember those dates. Last year I sent my wife flowers on June 26th…our anniversary is the 28th..she got a good chuckle out of that one!

Those dates are always important, and if you forget one expect to fight your way out of the doghouse. Even if you don’t have wads of cash to spend on a gift your thoughts and small actions can have a big impact on how her mood will be towards you for a couple of days. I had a genius idea of buying clothes for her birthday (something completely out of my ordinary gift selections), and it turned out being something the whole family enjoyed (sorry Macy’s you are way too rich for my blood!).

How Will You Help Mom Relax?

So now that you have seen some of the ways work from home dads can help mom relax, what are some of the things you will do on this list? Leave a comment below! Also, don’t forget to share this article and reach out to me directly at

I’ll talk to you soon!





5 Fun Summer Activities For Families

When school lets out it can be every parent’s chance to rejoice or shake their head in a quiet goodbye to a silent afternoon in the house. How can you keep your kids entertained during the summer break? I have 5 fun summer activities for families to do that won’t cost much (if anything). Check out what sorts of fun things you can plan with your kids!


Purchase a Family Zoo Pass

The Philadelphia Zoo has always been one of my favorite places to visit on the East Coast. It’s an excellent zoo and one I would recommend to anyone within driving distance. Since I wanted to make multiple trips there this summer my wife looked up discounts online and an excellent deal.

We were able to get a family plus pack for 6 of us (with the two babies being free), and the option to add 2 more adults at a discount. How could we not take! We spent the amount of money for one trip for an entire year’s worth of trips!

You can go to any promo or coupon website and find a great deal on a family zoo pass, purchase it and enjoy a few trips this summer (hopefully free parking is included!).

Go to the Library

A family trip to the library is something that can be done on a daily or weekly basis during the summer. As a parent, you want to make reading fun for your kids, and they will feed off of your love of reading. They will also become better readers throughout the school year, so why not continue that improvement during the summer.

Not only will it grow your family’s love for reading, most local libraries have special events in the summer for kids. You may have a movie night, or storytelling time, or simply a small block of hours that the kids can come in and play uninterrupted. If you have a library close to your home be sure to visit every week this summer.

Weekday Getaways to the Beach

Who doesn’t like a trip to the beach on a Tuesday morning? Even if you don’t know how to swim (like me), you can still have fun at the beach with your family. Not only will your kids enjoy the trip, it will be an excellent way for you to unwind and clear your mental state for the day.


Now before you skip over reading this section don’t think camping is just for anyone who lives near the mountains or has a big backyard. Those would be ideal situations but honestly, you can set up a camping tent inside your house and make it a fun night with the family. Arrange some sleeping bags, turn off all electronic devices, and just have fun using flashlights and enjoying quality time together!

Go to an Amusement Park

A trip to Six Flags, Dorney Park, or any other amusement park can always be an unforgettable summer activity. What’s the scariest rollercoaster you have ever been on? I bet you still remember how nervous you were getting on it. If you don’t like rollercoasters or are afraid of heights you can still play games and win prizes at some of the other areas of the amusement park.

If you can afford to purchase a summer pass I recommend going that route because similar to the zoo pass you will save a lot more money in the long run.

What Are Your Plans For the Summer?

This list isn’t the end all be all when it comes to fun summer activities for families. As you scratch the surface of the number of things you can do with your kids, don’t forget to make time each day for your business.

What are some of the things you have planned with your family this summer?¬†Comment below and don’t forget to share this article too!

I’ll talk to you soon!