How to Create Great Content For a Website With 5 Helpful Tips

How to Create Great Content For a Website With 5 Helpful Tips


Every successful online business has one major thing in common: great information. How do these sites climb up the rankings and turn 10s of visitors into hundreds? The quality of their work is extremely important to the website’s success. This article I am going to show you how to create great content for a website with 5 helpful tips.

Keep reading to find out how you can improve your website content and climb the search engine rankings!

Understand the Purpose of the Post

This first tip is arguably the most important one. As your business grows you will learn on the fly what type of audience will visit your website, and you can make adjustments to the types of articles you are writing. It doesn’t make any sense to write about sports if your niche website focuses on selling baby toys.

Your articles should show visitors to your website that you have a thorough understanding of the topic you are writing about, while also not sounding too much like a sales promo.

Avoid Fluff

The information provided in your post shouldn’t have generic obvious statements in order to beef up the word count. If you say “a car can run on gas until it gets empty” or something along those lines, that is simply a statement that could end up doing more harm than good.

One of the best ways to avoid fluff is to organize the key points of your article in an outline. If you have a solid structure for your post then filling it up with fluff won’t become a problem.

Spell Check Your Work

If you were looking at an advertisement online that said “By This: You Won’t Reget It!”, would you reconsider purchasing the product due to poor spelling? More than likely you would! It isn’t uncommon to see social media posts about incorrectly spelled advertisements. Don’t post anything without a thorough grammar check.

One of the best tools for checking spelling and grammar is Grammarly. I use the free version and it helps to catch any mistakes I may have missed while working on my content. You can upgrade to a premium version but I would recommend waiting until it is on sale before going that route.

Length is Very Important

As you search for products and tips about growing your online business you may start to ask “how long should my posts be?” Most big-time freelancers will say anywhere between 1000-1500 words per post. If you are working with a specific niche that you love then writing that many words may come naturally.

However, it doesn’t have to be the end all be all. You may come up with a few top 10 lists that will have you closer to 2000 words, or something short and sweet in the 500-750 range. My biggest piece of advice is to write from the heart, and proper keyword placement will help out in the long run.

Understand Keywords

Your content shouldn’t have keywords littered in every single paragraph you write. That’s not smart of you in order to achieve higher rankings. The article should have proper placement of the keyword in the introduction, conclusion, and depending on the length of the article a specific number of times for the best optimization,

After you create the post an SEO Title and meta description should also include the keyword to help with the optimization and ranking of your article. I prefer using Jaaxy for all my keyword searches.

Your Content Is Crucial to Your Success

Now that we have gone over how to create great content for a website you should have a better understanding of what you need to do to rank higher on the main search engines. Is there anything you would like to add that has been helpful for you? If so comment below or reach out to me directly at

I’ll talk to you soon!


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